Wickford is Saxon in origin.  Wick means either a winding river, or village, habitation, castle or dairy farm.  Ford is a shallow river crossing, or as it has been suggested a 'sheep farm on a river crossing'.


The river Wick is a tributary of the river Crouch and right up until 1960 was prone to flooding.

The earliest reference we can find is in 980 AD when AEthelflaed, widow of King Edmund gave Wicforda to her kinsman Sibriht.  However, we know that the town of Wickford was inhabited in prehistoric times and there was a considerable amount of Roman activity in the area.

The towns name has been written as Wickeford, Wyckford or Wygford.

There is a Wickford in Rhode Island, USA and it is understood that it got its name from a Wickford woman, Elizabeth Reade who married a Governor of Connecticut, John Winthrop.

Elizabeth's stepfather was a Hugh Peters who, although a Cornishman, became a schoolteacher in Laindon and possibly one of its curates.  It is understood that a descendant of Elizabeth's is former US President George Bush.